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Monday, 24 December 2012

Dynamo Concepts Training Videos: A Tip to Significantly Increase Your Punching Power

With this blog post being 'the one before Christmas', I just wanted to share a small gift with the readers of this blog, and, given that we're into martial arts, I suspect that a gift that will improve one's punching power will be appreciated by most :-)

Anyway, this video is all about maintaining rigidity at the wrist, so that the object I am striking an opponent with is the forearm-fist complex, which has significant mass. By making sure that, when striking with the fist, there is no movement at the wrist (limiting the degrees of freedom at the wrist, if you prefer), we limit the amount of kinetic energy that would otherwise be dissipated in our own soft tissues (and very delicate ones, since there are many things in one's wrist that can get very screwed up).

From a teaching perspective, it is quite often not enough to state that the wrist should be rigid, since a lot of students have never practiced this action, so their local muscles and nervous system are in no way primed to do this. The drill which is demonstrated in the video does exactly this: with the help of a partner the exact muscles needed to limit degrees of freedom at the wrist are activated. I suggest you go ahead and practice this drill a few times before you strike the focus mitts of the heavy bag. I guarantee you will be surprised by the results!

That's all for now, folks! I hope you find this video of help. Make sure you send me a message in case there is something I can explain in more depth.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to you, your families and loved ones!


P.S.: Once again I apologise for the sound quality of the video. When you're filming in the garden you cannot quite know when the alarm of a neighboring house will go off. Still, you have to admit that an image of summer in Greece can be quite heart-warming in the middle of the winter.


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