Bohemian modernist flat downtown

Zografou, Greece
Laid-back, colorful, modernist 60 sq.m. flat downtown. Feels as if you're staying at an absent friend's place. A variety of day- and night-life options accessible even on foot. Easy to commute, dir...


Hidden in Plain Sight 
It is quite common  for people in martial arts circles to believe that knowledge related to combat is of less value if it is widely available to anyone, if it is not shrowded in secrecy and its roots cannot be traced to a very wise man who lived centuries ago, or a mystic order of knights. While it may or may not be so, resorting to books to gain insight can sometimes be extremely helpful and also liberating, especially when finding out that a "secret" martial training method has actually been extensively documented in modern-day scientific texts. The following lists of books are in no way exhaustive of their subjects, but can provide valuable information and food for thought for any martial artist, outside of specific (and often, limiting) systems of thought.