Bohemian modernist flat downtown

Zografou, Greece
Laid-back, colorful, modernist 60 sq.m. flat downtown. Feels as if you're staying at an absent friend's place. A variety of day- and night-life options accessible even on foot. Easy to commute, dir...


Brothers, Friends, Training Partners and Teachers
In the Gothenburg Dynamo Club of Russian Martial Art, it is our belief that knowledge and self defense skills are not (and should not be) the exclusive intellectual property of any martial arts "master”. Our aim is to build a community wherein knowledge is produced through training, not reproduced through blind obedience, and it is openly shared with members who are provided with the autonomy they need on their path to self-mastery.  In this sense, the Dynamo Club is not officially affiliated to any martial arts organization, but it is associated to a number of instructors and clubs/schools all over the world, through friendship, mutual respect and admiration. To find more about the people and groups we consider our fellow truth seekers, please visit the following links: 
The Athens Dynamo Club webpage (in Greek)