Bohemian modernist flat downtown

Zografou, Greece
Laid-back, colorful, modernist 60 sq.m. flat downtown. Feels as if you're staying at an absent friend's place. A variety of day- and night-life options accessible even on foot. Easy to commute, dir...


A lot more than just combat training!
At the Göteborg Dynamo Club of Russian Martial Art, what we offer is instruction and education – not simply training in martial art. Instead of teaching students how to consistently reproduce a fighting style, or a number of “high-percentage” self defense techniques, we guide them on how to continuously improve their individual performance by providing:
  • A comprehensive system of physical training for the development of strength, power, speed, endurance, mobility, agility and coordination.
  • A method of developing all-around dexterity, i.e. the “intelligence” that allows the human body to spontaneously solve all types of motor problems (not just the ones related to combat).
  • The concepts and principles underlying the maximal generation of power and the optimal application of force on an opponent’s body.
  • A number of fields where the skills acquired by the students can be applied and tested, including fist fighting, kick boxing, wrestling, fighting on the ground, self defense with or against weapons and fighting against multiple opponents.
  • A set of psychological tools aimed at controlling the emotional arousal and mental distractions in combat.
The goal of our training is mastery - not of a particular set of skills, or of a martial style, but mastery of human movement, mastery of the body and ultimately, mastery of the self. Just like we said at the beginning of this page: a lot more than just combat training.