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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

SAMBO/ROSS Training Seminar, with Vadim Kolganov, Master of Sport, at the Göteborg Dynamo Club

The Dynamo Club - Göteborg is proud to announce:
SAMBO/ROSS Training Seminar
With Vadim Kolganov, Master of Sport

May 28th & 29th 2011, Göteborg, Sweden

SAMBO Basic Training Program

Vadim Kolganov is one of the foremost exponents of Russian Martial Art in Europe today. He has earned the rank of Master of Sport in SAMBO after winning the Moscow SAMBO championships twice, has won a bronze medal in the SAMBO World Masters Championships and won the Brittish SAMBO Championships. He is a certified instructor in Alexander Retuinskih’s ROSS system (the Native Russian System of Self-Defense). He teaches and practices the Russian style of fist fighting (Kulachniy Boy), Bayonet Fencing, and the traditional wrestling style of Kurash (belt wrestling). He is also a certified kettlebells instructor in the RKC organization.

In this ten-hour seminar, Vadim will explore some of the historical and technical connections between sport, modern self-defense, and old folk-style Russian Martial Art. He will also present a basic program of SAMBO training, including strength and conditioning exercises, essential throws, takedowns, ground techniques and training drills, so that the participants are able to begin exploring SAMBO on their own, in an organized manner.

All martial arts practitioners of any level are welcome to attend to the seminar. No prior knowledge in SAMBO or other style of Russian Martial Art is required. Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Shorinji Kempo Göteborg Branch Dojo, Landerigatan 9, 41670 Göteborg, Sweden (view map)

Saturday May 28th (10.00 – 16.00), Sunday May 29th (11.00 – 16.00)

1000 SEK - The price includes ten hours of training (five hours per day for two days) with Vadim Kolganov. The fees are payable upon registration.
You need to register in advance in order to reserve a spot on the seminar. In order to register, send an e-mail to, including the following details: full name, age, address, city, postal code, country, telephone number.
Payments are made to:
Accountholder: Göteborgs Systema-RMA Klubb , c/o Åhrman, Töpelsgatan 8B, 416 55 Göteborg, Sweden.
For participants from Sweden:
Bankgiro: 381-8721, Plusgiro: 501661-3

For foreign transfers:
IBAN: SE67 9500 0099 6018 0501 6613
Name and address of bank: Nordea Bank AB, 105 71 Stockholm, Sweden.
Please make sure that the payment is identifiable as coming from you.

Your registration is considered complete only after payment has been received. You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon registration/payment.

If the event is cancelled then the full amount of your payment will be refunded. If you cancel
your registration (by any means) before Monday, May 16th 2011, a charge of 200 SEK is levied on cost refund. After this time, a cost refund is not possible; the participant can be replaced by another person though.

Since training will be conducted on mats, make sure that your training shoes are appropriate (no running shoes or any other type of shoes with hard soles, please). You can train barefooted if you prefer that. Wrestling jacket (judogi, SAMBO kurtka), although not mandatory, might come handy. 

Photographing by participants is allowed at any time. Filming is not.

All training takes place under your own responsibility – the club/organizer and the instructor of the seminar can in no way be held liable for any damages/injuries occurring during the event. Registering to the seminar entails you accept this clause.

There can be changes to the program.
For additional info – inquiries contact Spyro Katsigiannis
Tel: 0046 767679179

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